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 Trading assets in Traditional and Cryptocurrency markets always impose a challenge as to any additional advantage a trader could have over their peers. Hedge Funds and Family offices invest in trading systems which can offer a significant alpha. Multiple trading strategies with Sharpe ratio over 2.0 have been in demand over the decades. By combining the knowledge of expert traders, coupling them with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, we offer one of the most sophisticated trading ecosystems available in the Forex and Cryptocurrency markets.


Our AI-based automated trading systems empower both the retail and institutional investors to overcome the setbacks in traditional technical indicators based trading strategies, resulting in significant returns in their investments. Our strategies are developed using state of the art machine learning and deep learning algorithms together with more than 200 technical, fundamental and other market sources leading to profitable risk-managed trading strategies. On a simpler note, we offer an AI based assistant who takes care of your portfolio and trades it on your behalf, conservatively and accumulating steady returns without bias and emotions.

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Jarvis labs is a proprietary AI development boutique that focuses on research and development of AI algorithms that can provide intelligent solutions to clients from different industries. We are a passionate and creative team of data scientists and engineers who came together to develop Jarvis AI primarily focussing on offering a sustainable autonomous trading ecosystem in Forex and Cryptocurrency market assets. Develop and offer solutions that block out the noise, eliminate information asymmetry and share products that makes the world a better place. 

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